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Playing Seven Card Stud Online

Seven Card stud is one form of poker that you just can't overlook. There are two versions that you can play online. One is Seven Card Stud and the other is called Seven High Low. In this game, you will need two to eight players. If you do not have any friends to play with at home, sign on and play online through any of the poker websites.

When playing Seven Card Stud, each player is given three private cards. There are four community cards. In this particular version, the highest value of the cards is sought. To do this, you need to use your three private cards and the combination of community cards on the table to win. For Seven Card High Low, you can select if you want to go for the highest value cards (High) or the lowest valued hand (Low.) In both versions, you are sure to enjoy some real competition since the game is one of the more rigid forms of the poker.

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